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5 Things Every Guy Should Own

cool stuff for guysThere comes a time in every man’s life, when he takes a good, hard look at what he’s accomplished in his lifetime. Maybe he built a new orphanage with bamboo, palm leaves and the sweat of his brow. Maybe he wrestled a bear to the ground in order to save a doe and her family as they walked by. Maybe he gave the world’s greatest pep talk to infantry troops before they went into battle. It’s time this man paid himself some respect, and bought the items that follow out of sheer gratitude for being the world’s best guy. After all, when he’s sailing on the high-tides of gratitude from the people of the world, he needs that cast-iron skillet to cook them a hearty breakfast afterwards. Which brings me to my first item:

  1. Cast Iron Skillet – You can cook nearly anything and everything on this do-it-all kitchen item, and you’ll never need to wash it. Unbreakable and oven-ready, the only thing that will last longer than this skillet is your honor.
  2. Smartphone – What more could a globetrotting man of the world want? A phone that can check the Utah traffic conditions when he’s driving to the nearest pet hospital to nurse an injured mountain goat back to health. Or maybe he’s taking pictures of flowers in Paris to surprise his lady friend. Either way, the proper smartphone will serve as a manly man’s multipurpose tool for the 21st century.
  3. Ax – So a tree fell across the road. What are you going to do now, Jack? If you had an ax in the trunk, you could easily chop that tree into a nice bundle of firewood.
  4. Pocket Knife – A good knife will never go out of style, and you’ll never be in a situation that requires a spoon or a fork for your survival.  This knife should be perennially sharp, well balanced and operated with a keen eye for taste.
  5. Road Atlas – It takes a real man to know when the GPS is a let-down. Get yourself a good, sturdy U.S. road atlas at your nearest outdoor supply store, and keep that bad boy in your car at all times.

With a little luck, and these 5 things at his side, a man just might be successful in life. Now, this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. Please, leave your comments below, and suggest those products you just can’t live without!

image by Muscle Jocks

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